Filmhuis Hofdael

Filmhuis Hofdael is an initiative of people from the community of Geldrop (the town where I grew up for a big part of my adolescent life). When I still lived there, not much was going on, but in the last ten years many cool get-togethers are initiated, mostly by Renny de Bruyn, who is my mothers relationship.
The latest successful addition in his quest to make Geldrop a more vibrant city/town is a movieclub. He gathered a group of movie-fanatics and together they select an intellectual range of indie movies, which are shown on Friday night at a local leisure centre, named Hofdael.

Because of my connection with Renny, I was asked to help them with an identity. I designed the logo, which also includes the tower on the square of the Hofdael complex (this is quitte a landmark for the town of Geldrop), so it helped even more with the communication of the location of the filmclub. This was necessary because the towns inhabitants tend to be a bit sleepy and not very venturous. So with this thought in my mind I designed the artwork to be very clear and colorful.

Monthly (except in summertime) I create a flyer, two posters and a facebook banner.

You can find out more about Filmhuis Hofdael on their: