My workspace is located at LTS in Amsterdam Nieuw West. It’s a building where all sorts of creative people have a workspace for five years, also named “Broedplaats”. I was asked, and felt very honored, to design artwork for the celebration of the new temporary destination of the building, but as we went along I ended up designing the entire identity.

The building used to be a Lagere Technische School, hence the name LTS (Lower Technical Education) and has a wild, quitte 80s color scheme, which I decided to use as an inspiration for the artwork. Because of it’s temporary character, the building remains in it’s original state.

The company behind this wonderful place (and many other likewise places) is named Meurkens & Meurkens. They gave me complete freedom in my design except to use the same font for the artwork which was used for their logo (to create a sort of connection between the two).

I’m quitte pleased with the result, and you are always welcome to come see the building for yourself!

Broedplaats LTS
Dr. Jan van Breemenstraat 1
1056 AB Amsterdam